eKanwer - ERP

A software that perfectly fit to any type of business.

eKanwer - ERP is a product of Kanwer Tech, a growing and popular company for ERP solutions.

eKanwer - ERP Features

  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Real Time Inventory
  • Cloud Based
  • Customized Reports
  • Bar-code Printing
  • Multi User & User Friendly
  • Proper Documentation
  • Anywhere & Anytime
  • 24x7 Free Support
  • 100% Secure & Free Up-gradation

eKanwer ERP - KMS

eKanwer ERP - Knitting Management Software.

eKanwer ERP - KMS is very user friendly & specially developed for Knitting Industries to easily manage all kind of tasks like Receiving of Challans, Issuing of Challans, Printing of Challans, Bill Generation, Invoice Preparation, Party Wise Process Rate, Generation of Process held during a particular period, Party Outstanding Balance, Date wise / Party Wise all kinds of Reports etc.

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eKanwer ERP - IMS

eKanwer ERP - Inventory Management Software.

eKanwer ERP - IMS is developed for all kind of industries specially for Tyres/Alloy management industry. A user friendly software that is developed after collection of all types of requirements and problems which are generally faced by an industry. It has features of attractive Dashboard for displaying Monthly Targets, Purchase of Fresh, Chesis and Second hand Items, Generation of Bar-code, Printing of Bar-Codes, Job Cards Creations, Invoice Preparation, Management of Inventory like Stock of Tyres, Stocks of Alloys size wise and Brand wise, Jobs Management, Commission Management & etc.

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eKanwer ERP - MMS

eKanwer ERP - Marketing Management Software.

eKanwer ERP - marketing management software is capable to handle marketing strategy any where any time. A user friendly dashboard that displays all vital information without any click. MMS has features of creating Zonal Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Marketing Executives & Product Master. It also has additional benefits of punching attendance of MR, daily tracking report, Orders given by Retailers & Distributors, Date wise Order detail, State wise / City wise Order detail etc.

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Effective App for Your Business

Most powerful mobile app to manage marketing strategy to keep track on marketing executives as well as orders

Why eKanwer ERP is necessary for Your Business

eKanwer designs custom software, focused on quality and regular updation

eKanwer ERP
Software Demo Video

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Demo Video provides step by step tutorial, how to install and use all the modules of eKanwer ERP. Effective presentation to know about eKanwer ERP.

ERP Software that perfectly fit to any type of business.

eKanwer is a Product of Kanwer Tech ERP software development company. eKanwer IMS, eKanwer CMS, eKanwer CRM & eKanwer WMS. Starts From Rs. 2000 per month.

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